Construction Craft Trianing


We are a non-profit dedicated to creating more sustainable living options for urban dwellers.

Our activities include:

  • Creating incubator and accelerator services to local businesses owned by disadvantaged and/or micro businesses located in target communities;
  • Providing and/or coordinating worker-owned cooperatives and workforce development training for urban un- and under-employed residents;
  • Designing, building, renovating, and/or managing affordable housing options for low-to-moderate income communities; and
  • Designing, building, renovating an/or managing the facilities of community, institutional, and public agencies.


SOUL Works, L3C
SOUL Works, L3C is a real estate redevelopment company dedicated to providing OJT (on-the-job-training) for participants in S.O.U.L., Inc.’s construcution training programs.
We seek to utilize real life real estate rehab projects giving hands-on experience to trainees.
Our instructors are licensed contractors who have agreed to participate in our program and work with our trainees to better their skills while improving the community.
Our trainees will earn a “training wage” while improving their skills and increasing the opportunity to earn living wages at the end of training.
We accept real estate donations as a part of S.O.U.L., Inc. for this purpose.

As a part of our mission, we believe that everyone should have access
to everything that can and should help them live more sustainable and prosperous lives. 
Here are a few community resources* to assist you in that process:

As part of our West Pullman Community focus we are members of the following organizations that have a specific interest in our neighborhood:
West Pullman Community Action Group
-Member of Workforce Development Team
-Member of Vacant & Abandoned Property Team

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