Construction Craft Trianing

Workshop request

We can provide workshops to your group or class on a variety of sustainability subjects including DIY Weatherization, Sustainable Backyards, Healthy Homes, Healthy Homes for Seniors, Local Foods and Growing, DIY Healthy Cleaning, Food Preservation and Canning, and DIY Home Maintenance. Please contact us for further information and fee schedule.

Training request

We provide Construction Trades training under the NCCER Curriculum in CORE, Weatherization and Project Management with access to additional crafts. We also provide RRP Certification for 8-hour initial and 4-Hour renewal courses.

Speakers request

: If your group has an interest in a specific topic related to sustainability issues and would like to have a speaker appear at your event, please contact us for further information.

Neighborhood Sustainability Fair request

If your group or block club is interested in hosting a Sustainability Fair in your area, please contact us with desired dates and an estimated budget. We’d be happy to assist you in coordinating your big day.

Healthy Homes interest

If you have an interest in making your home healthier, we can assist in creating the plan for you and your family.

Gardening interest

Whether it’s a backyard plot or community garden, we can help coordinate resources to move your project forward.

If you would like further information about any of our S.O.U.L. programs. Please email and someone will get within 24-48.

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